Monthly Archives: July 2014

BPS awarded NEH Digital Humanities Implementation Grant

BPS is pleased to announce that it is a recipient of one of the seven just-announced NEH Digital Humanities Implementation Grants.

The two-year grant will support the efforts of the BPS team (co-PIs: Laurie Pearce, Niek Veldhuis; Technical Lead: Patrick Schmitz), as they transform BPS from a prototype to a functional out-of-the-box toolkit for prosopographical research and social network analysis (SNA). The BPS team will introduce new features including:

  • The ability to import corpora from existing databases, converting the data into the TEI format used by BPS
  • Natural language processing tools to pre-process TEI corpora and automatically mark up activities and roles
  • Extended visualization tools to support interactive viewing, and filtering the results of disambiguation and SNA
  • Generalized feature model that can capture more traits about individuals (e.g. life roles, birthplace, office/title, etc.)
  • Workspace access control to support collaboration